Conversations between husband and wife in the past:

 (Husband) : "Sweetie, did you see my keys?"

(Wife): "Yes, I've seen them somewhere. Maybe on the desk.  Try to find them there."


 (Husband): "Did you move my keys to somewhere?"

(Wife): "No. I didn't even see them today. Try to find them in your pocket."

Once in a while....

(Husband): "Did you hide my keys? I've been looking for it for a long time."

(Wife):"Who cares! "

But it was the wife who have cared  to think about how to find keys for the husband.

One day, she bought an amazing product for him.

It's called "KEY FINDER."

According to her, this was from Black Friday Sale at Macy's.  The original price was $30 but it was only $9 at the sale.

It was yesterday when the wife gave it to the husband.  And immediatey, he learned how to use it.

It was so simple.  He just need to press the button on the transmitter whenever he wants to find it, then he can hear the beeping sound from the sensor fob which was attached to the keys.

This morning, the husband was so moved to use it for his first time and thought, "This product could save my time!"  Keys had been in his pocket of the working trousers........but found so easily by the wireless transmitter. 


He was so happy that he couldn't help sharing this information of the product.  At the same time, he deepened his gratitude to his wife.

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    Stephanie Whiting (Thursday, 11 December 2014 22:31)

    Dear Sensei,
    We bought one of these for our son-in-law. Please don't lose the transmitter like he did. Or rather.....may the husband keep the transmitter in a safe place!

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    Kosen (Friday, 12 December 2014 10:01)

    Aloha Stephanie-san,
    haha...Thank you very much for your comments. He was afraid if the battery might run out, but he never thought of the possibility to lose the transmitter. I will tell him your advice. I think he will thank you, too!