Convenience V.S. Money

We tend to wish to have both money and time.  However, in order to save money, you have to spend time for it.  Then in order to save time, you have to spend some money.

The last time when I attended to the one of Jodo Mission conventions,  most members from outer-islands  went back to their islands as soon as the convention was finished.   To my surprise, I found out I was the only one who took the late flight.   One of members asked me, "How come your flight is so late?"  

This is because my priority is usually not "convenience," but to save money.  I don't mind at all to wait several hours because I know how hard to earn money is.   On the other hand,  waiting time is almost nothing.  Rather to have time of "waiting" means "to have free time."   It's supposed to be a blessing.   So every time I travel, I bring at least two books and a notebook (actually many more things with me....such as a camera, tablet, and so on.)   So, anyway,  I could read a book and could write some thoughts on it during my free time......or if I were lucky, I could meet friends to talk.   It happened yesterday on the way back to Kauai from HNL.

This was a reservation page on the way back to Lihue from Honolulu.    Please look at the difference.  It was as much as $34.3!  And of course,  I chose a late but cheaper flight and with this saving, I rent a car.

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