2nd Anniversary

Yesterday, I received two different contacts through this website from someone I didn't know    To my surprise, one person works for the TV production in L.A. and they'd like to license one of my youtube video-clips for their TV series.  He also called my cell phone and after the short conversations, he emailed me a form of License agreement which was very difficult for me to understand. 


So I asked him again what can be both merit and demerit to give them a permit to use my video and found out there was nothing but honor for me.  The video clip would allow me to have my footage seen on national television program.  


On the other hand, another person who contacted me was a Japanese lady who had questions regarding my blog post in the past. I don't know her last name and  who she is.   But her comment made me very happy because I intended to write it for the sake and merit of Japanese on that post.


So you might complain it if it's not written in English, but my basic intention is to provide interesting information as many people as possible.   And I realized two doors are better than one door.  Three doors are much bigger entrance than two doors.    So "English + Japanese" could attract much more people. 


It has been exactly two whole years since I launched this website. These contacts were one of the examples of the good effect from running the website.   This happened not only yesterday.  It often happens.


Right now, I am managing three different websites (flikr, youtube and this web) but I am now thinking to spend energy for the facebook.

Because four websites could be much more  bigger entrance than three websites.....leading to the happiness! 


Please add me to your facebook friends if we are not friends yet. 





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