The very first plant which came to Hawaii was said to be ferns.   As you know, the island of Kauai was born by the eruptions of volcano five to six million years ago.    There was no soil at all and of course, no plant.  It was only lava and rocks there which consisted of this island and other Hawaii islands.    Then, so many years later (maybe hundreds of thousands years) wind-currents, storms or ocean currents or maybe birds, brought the seeds of ferns here.  

Although ferns have lived in severe environment like land of lava, they never having lost in their difficulties.    Their roots broke the lava rocks a little by little to change them to the soil.  If ferns died, they became a part of the soil which could assist another ferns to grow. 

When I knew ferns have been representations of Goddesses in Hawaiian culture, I couldn't help but respect their observations of nature.  Now this island of Kauai is called "Garden Island" but without ferns, there would be no garden.   It was amazing Hawaiian knew ferns were as important as the land.

By the way, my garden work continues..... I have some aloe plants which I unintentionally pulled.    Would like to have free aloe plant?  If so, please let me know.    I do have some dragonfruit plants available.