Nothing waste

It's very interesting....when I try to make cake in a very tight schedule, I tend to fail baking.

This is just like a saying, "Haste makes waste."

During the past months, I have failed at least three times.

This was cake that I wanted to bring to Hilo for the convention.

This was supposed to be for the Lawai International Center and Mr. & Mrs. Hashisaka.

This was for Mr. Kimoto who asked me to do the house blessing and another one was for Mr.& Mrs. Takaki.

These were the cake that I could not give because of bad looking.

However, these expereinces gave me an idea to fix the cake.   I put whipping cream in order to hide its looking.

I thought the combination of the failure cake, fresh cream, and fruit were well balanced.   It became very delicious.

In addition, what a great timing! I happened to realize it was my wife's birthday.   The leftover failure cake turned out to be a delicious birthday cake.

Yes, haste makes wastes, but if we can be mindful, nothing can be waste.


This shall be my reminder....I should present cake to the people above!