Flexible Viewpoints

I had tried to fix the pond which couldn't hold the full of water.   I covered the stones with water-proof-concrete at least three times during the past year.   I wanted the pond deeper in order to grow more water lilies.

But the water still leaks.  I couldn't make the pond deeper, although I spent lots of time.   I almost thought I just wasted the time for nothing.

However, it was this effort that made me realize .....Instead of changing the size of pond, I thought of changing the size of the water lily.

Please look at the tiny flower.  This was the smallest water lily I've ever seen.  Then I placed many smaller water lilies in the shallow pond.

Now, they show me the pure white flower, every day, without fail. 

What I am teaching here every Sunday is nothing but this flexible viewpoints.  In a sense, I am talking it again and again from my different experiences.