Right View


When I went to Hilo for the Hawaii Jodoshu convention, I went sightseeing and taking pictures during my free time in the early morning between 5:00 -7:00 a.m.


I think many people don't like visiting the same site again and again, but I like going to the same place even though it was not so attractive place. 


The reason why I like this way is because I know I can have a new discovery by going to the same place again and again.   


This time I went to visit the King Kamahameha statue near downtown Hilo again.  Last time, I visited there,  I didn't notice the great view of the Park and Hilo Bay.   Also  I couldn't see Mt. Maunakea, but this time, I enjoyed new viewpoints of the site.  As a result, I was able to take some good photos there.


I think this was possible thanks to the practice of right view.


Right view is a first step of our practice of eightfold path.   It is usually translated as "right understanding" but I prefer to say "right view" which is a literal translation of the Kanji ”正見(Shoken)."    And the very basic concept of this right view is to view things, world and people.  To view them in the right way will cause our right understanding.


Many of our problems or troubles are actually caused by the fact we cannot view the things rightly. 


Bad viewpoint, of course, causes a bad result.


If  we can see our reality in the right way,  we can understand it rightly.


Good viewpoint could cause a good result.


Then how can we have a right view?



I think this is possible through the trial and errors of the different viewpoints.


We tend to see a thing only front side of the thing.


But if we can look at it from right side, from left side, and from back side, we can eventually have a right view.

And most important thing is "right view" has many expressions.

The truth is one.

But as our languages are so limited and imperfect, there could exist many expressions.

According to my understanding of arts, almost all artists want to express "what is truth."

But each action such as writing, drawing a picture, playing music, carving, etc. are so limited, there could be many expressions and types of arts.

This blog is actually an combination of languages and photos.  I have known this combination is so good to express "what is truth."

Because I am such an imperfect being,  I may be wrong.  But I am hoping I can improve myself and expression of the truth, thanks to my imperfect nature.

By the way, did you know this King Kamehameha Statue in Hilo was orignally desgined to place at the Princeville resort on Kauai?

They say, Kauai people did not want the King statue erected on Kauai ever because Kauai was the only island which King Kamehameha couldn't conqure by the power of amy.   So they took time to look for the location of placing the statue and finally they donated to the park at Hilo, Big Island.