On September 15 (Day 5), 3 seeds out of 6 white lotus seeds germinated.

The water in the cup where seeds germinated is very clear, whereas water in the cup where seeds don't germinate is cloudy or very turbid.   This was a very interesting difference but I was more interested in the reasons why three seeds cannot germinate.  I thought of the possible reasons.....


1. Some seeds are fast to grow, some are very slow to grow.  So it may be true..... they just need more time to germinate. 


2. Some seeds are congenitally sick.


3. Some seeds are originally weak.  They need help of care and nuitrition.

All of a sudden, I thought the seed 6 was originally weak.  It wants to come out but it doesn't have power to break the surface even though it's very thin.   I thought it might need help like c-section. 

Seed 6
Seed 6

If seeds don't germinate, I think, many people tend to give up them without doing any efforts.  They have much more germinated seeds and the ones which don't germinate are actually minority.


But I want to see the result...even the seed is originally weak, it can grow well.


This is how I broke the white part of the seed  by a pair of pliers on September 18, 2014, hoping it can come out easily.



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