I see a lotus

Beauty of the lotus was so fragile. 

All the beautiful petals fell off and became dirty.


It's now very hard to imagine these petals were once important parts of the beautiful flower.  And most people don't pay attention to the fallen petals anymore.  They just look ugly.


However, if we can continue to imagine the petals,

we don't need to feel sad or sentimental about them.


Fallen petals will be rotten and shrink in the water.

Some parts made of water return to the water.

And the rest part of the petals will be changed to be part of the soil or mud.

Then the mud which was once petal support the lotus to grow

and eventually it will turn to the flower again!


"In the garbage, I see a rose. In the rose, I see the garbage. Everything is in transformation."  -Thich Nhat Hanh.


This is another example of how our imagination is very important.  If we can imagine death or what will happen to after death,  we don't need to fear or sad.  We can always see "life" in the death. 

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