Facing a Jungle

Yesterday I spent some time to spray the weeds with Eliminator.  Because I forgot to sell almost all plants during the Bon Dance, I am now holding more than enough plants.   I moved all pots and then sprayed the weeds.



But there was one place.....I couldn't do anything.   I was very surprised to see.....

September 6 2014
September 6 2014


Wow!  It's like a  jungle.


I think very few members know this mess because this is behind the house where visitors cannot see.


During the past months, I was both very busy and very lazy.    The temple ground is about one acre.  I spent lots of time to clean the area where visitors could see but I did almost nothing around the area where visitors cannot see....just like my office.


As a result, the weeds became bush and then have become jungle without knowing it.


This was of course my fault.    


However, I've found there is one good thing about having a jungle here.


It's a source of challenge spirit.


Because I have a problem, I can have a possibility to solve it.   It stimulates my challenge sprits and I could have a reward.  


The reward is a sense of accomplishment.   Without having problems, of course, there is no chance to solve it.  But if I have a problem, I'll have a chance to solve it and I could be a winner!


The bigger the problem is , the bigger the victory I'll have.


Of course, there is a possibility that I might be the loser to the problem.


However, whenever I face my problem, I understand it...this is a chance.


I am now very excited to have a chance to fight with this jungle in the very near future.


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