Merit and Demerit


What I like to do in Japan is to visit supermarket.


Supermarket in Japan is really something.


I think they should name it Super Supermarket.


Even though here is not a big city, but some stores open for 24 hours.


There are so many kinds of products which are placed beautifully.  


Workers are very polite.  


It’s very hard to find demerit of the Japanese supermarket.


However, if we are mindful of what is merit and demerit.


The fact there are so many kinds of products could be both merit and demerit, too.




Merit is…….Customers have so many choices.  


Demerit is …..It’s very hard to choose. 




This means,


You don’t need to belittle yourself.  I don't need to belittle myself. 

You and I always have a choice to decide whether it is good or bad.


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