No matter how hard we make efforts, there is always something we cannot change.


The recent hurricane was one of them.  We can prepare for the worst situation, but we cannot change the nature.  We couldn't stop the hurricane.

In front of the nature, we are like baby.  What we can do is very limited.   We are quite powerless toward the nature, however there is always something we can change.


That is "to change ourselves to accept the nature."  We cannot change what we cannot change.   But we can change, of course, what we can change.   That is "ourselves."   We can change ourselves to accept the nature.


I've realized this important Buddhist teaching from the Hurricane Isselle.


Because of the Hurricane, we needed to cancel the Toro Nagashi and I needed to cancel going to Kahului Jodo Mission for their O-Bon Festival yesterday.


I couldn't do anything about hurricane.  I couldn't change these cancellations.


However I was able change myself  to accept it.  A great idea of candle lighting service came up to my mind, thanks to the hurricane.   


Also thanks to the cancellation of going to Maui, I had some extra time.   I have been able to spend all my energy to the new candle service.  


My wife and I have arranged to place lanterns many many many times in order to have a better looking of the candle lights and we have tested lighting candles many times.  


At the same time, I was able to bake three whole chiffon cake, yesterday.   This is thanks to the fact I couldn't go to Maui.


Now I am very confident....if you can come to the Koloa Jodo Mission tonight at 7:30 p.m.,  you are very lucky. 


The candle lighting service might be much better than Toro Nagashi.    In addition, you will enjoy my Dharma Talk and chiffon cake.


There will be "beautiful change" at Koloa Jodo Mission.

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    Cy (Tuesday, 12 August 2014 03:24)

    Sensei, I was sad you weren't able to visit Maui due to the Hurricane. As you said, we cannot change nature and have to learn to accept it. With that in mind, I hope your candle lighting service was a success. (: