What will you do?

After Bon Dance, I have been busy baking cake everyday because we had some leftover eggs (nearly 9dz).  And this morning, I'm finally using up all leftover eggs.  


However, I found 7 eggs broken before using them for cake.  7 Eggs out of 60 eggs mean, "11% of eggs were defective merchandise!" 


Not like a smaller package of eggs, nobody can check whether egg is broken or not at the time of purchase, for this 5 dozens package from Costco.


Do you just understand it "bad luck"?   I wonder what will you do?  and what can I do? 


1.  Never mind or forget it.

2.  Going to Costco to ask for the replacement.

3.  Ask for reimbursment of 7 broken eggs.

4.  Speak ill of Costco.

5.  Others


My choice was..... (to be continued!)




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    mo (Thursday, 31 July 2014 21:34)


    I know they say that everything is a choice, but many times the second part of your above #1 happens on it's own.