The following photos are my collections of "Wow!" during 2014 Bon Dance. 

Wow!  Mrs. Laura Kurasaki donated....71 Bags Furikake Cereal Mix,  55 packs of Chocolate Chip Cookies, 45 packs of Oatmeal Cookies, 50 packs of Oatmeal Cookies with Cranberry, 62 packs of Nutty Cereal Cookies.   In addition, Mr. and Mrs. Kurasaki  made Chilli Rice for our Bon Dance and Curry rice for our workers.    All ingredients were their donations, too.   Thank you so much!

Quilt Artist Maizie Akimoto donated her latest work, "Bon Dance Festival" to our Bon Dance.  "Wow!" 

 It was sold and we had a generous donation of $600.  To my biggest surprise, new owner is one of my blog readers.  I was very glad to have a chance to talk to her yesterday at Lihue.  This was "Wow!", too.  Thank you very much!

Wow!  Mr. Earl Kaneko and Mrs. Violet Onishi, Ms. Kim Onishi, Mr. Shannon Kondo, Ms. Diane Kondo and Mrs. Kim Akimoto came here at 5:30 a.m for making sweet bread for Saturday Bon Dance.  Thank you so very much!

Wow! Big nice daikon from Mr. and Mrs. Saburo Yoshioka.  We were able to make enough Takuan this year (last year, there was not enough Takuan for dancers.)  We also received donations of daikon from Mrs. Asako Ebata, Mrs. Sumako Ichimasa, Mrs. Ruby Rivera, and Mrs. Laura Kurasaki.   Thank you very much!

Wow!  We have received donations from Japan.   Rev. Kyoshin Kojima of  Shizuoka Prefrecture sent me donations of Yoyo, incense and candles and monetary donation for our Bon Dance.  Every year for nearly 10 years,  we have received donations from Rev. Kojima.   Arigato gozaimashita!

Wow!  We had donations of Bon Dance signs from Ms. Diane Kondo, assisted by her father, Mr. Harry Kondo in California!  Very thoughtful donation!   Thank you very much.

Wow! Mrs. Takako Ishikawa of Flower West donated orchid again this year.  She has donated flowers for more than 10 years. Thank you very much.


There were actually much more "Wow!"

But it is my regret I couldn't take records of all "Wow!" 


The biggest wow! I couldn't take a picture was donations of "Flying Saucer" from Kapaa Jodo Mission.  Members of Kapaa Jodo made 346 flying saucers at Kapaa and came to help our Bon Dance at night.   Thank you so very much.


Another "Wow!" but I intended not to take a picture,  was "big flood of our two bathrooms on Friday nite."  They say it was disaster.  I felt really really sorry for our members who worked cleaning the dirty water. 


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