The Smaller Lanterns

22 smaller lanterns on the boat this year.
22 smaller lanterns on the boat this year.

This year I bought smaller lanterns for the Hatsubon (First O-Bon ) families.  It was good timing that my friend was coming to Hawaii.   So I asked him to bring new lanterns and I was able to make them by Bon Dance.   Thank you Rev. Genyo Sasaki for bringing lanterns for me.


The reason why I want smaller lanterns is because I want more people to be satisfied with our ceremony.  

Just like the story of yesterday, the space of boat is so limited.  Only 15 lanterns could be on the boat if I use regular lanterns.  But there are actually more and more families who want their lanterns on the boat.   

So what can I do?

Then I had an idea of buying "Smaller lanterns."    I actually don't know if it's right answer or not.


Some people may not be happy to see the smaller size.   But I have to tell you, in order for more people to be happy,  

" anything"  would be smaller and smaller.


This is just like Bon Dance ring (circle).

Our Bon Dance ring is not big.  If more people want to enjoy dancing, there should be very crowded.   This is the result of more dancers and limited place of dancing.

Same as true to my Sushi platter.

Yesterday I made Sushi for the graduation party.   In order for more people to eat Sushi, the numbers of piece of Sushi one can take, should be smaller. 

Last night Sushi were all gone in no time.  Because I saw people, including my children,  took a few pieces of Sushi at a time.   Of course, this was my fault.  I didn't make enough Sushi, but if one could take one piece each,  more people could eat!  

Anyway, I am always thinking better way for the "happiness."  And I am trying to provide the better service for our members and friends.   

Yes, it's very hard. 

But I feel.....because it's very hard, it's worth spending my life.

This year, I was able to place 22 Hatsubon lanterns on the boat, but I have to apologize that there are at least 4 Hatsubon lanterns that I couldn't place on the boat.


I am still thinking what I can do.   Any good idea or suggestion?

Last but not least, it is my hope we can share lots of jobs and responsibilities of Bon Dance here with more members.  The more helpers,  the less jobs one can do....just like smaller lanterns.

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