Not too less, not too many


There are more and more people ask about our Toro Nagashi.

If we are business company, it's a wonderful tendency.


We can just sell the lanterns as many as possible.


The more participation means the more profits.


However, our space of rafts are so limited.  We have maximum numbers of lanterns.


Therefore the more participation means the more I have to say, "I'm sorry lanterns are sold out."


As a result, they are not happy they cannot buy lanterns.  And I'm not happy to see that disappointments


I am supposed to work for happiness.  But I cannot?


So what can I do?


This was actually very difficult task.


Although we are not business company, Toro Nagashi is definitely a good fundraiser.


It's very important to sell more lanterns.  Yet we cannot sell more than maximum.


Numbers of lanterns should be not too less and not too many.


This means we have to do both "selling" and "non-selling."


I thought it again and again and found a way.


I raised a Toro price for non members.  By keeping the same price to our members, we can guarantee about 100 lanterns to be sold.   Then rest lanterns can be shared by non-members.


If it were $10 , I know people buy two or three lanterns at a time.  But if it is $20, they buy less lanterns    As a result, more people can participate in. 

So far, so good. 

We had good sales, yet we have still some lanterns left.  

I am hoping I don't get a chance to say, "I'm sorry lanterns are all sold out."

Last but not least, I want to thank you very much for your understanding.   All sales of lanterns will be important donations to our temple.    And I want you to know , fortunately, there are some who are willing to donate whatever the Toro prcie would be.


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