Thanks to the roots, the flower blooms

"If you are happy to see the flower coming out, you should thank the roots which support and make it bloom."


This is one of the most popular sayings which Japanese Buddhist priests use for their sermons. 


After  successful Bon Dance here, I am now very mindful of this saying.   It is so true.   I should thank the roots.


As you know, roots cannot be seen since they are under the ground. 


In like manner, there were some helpers working very hard back of the temple hall without meeting people.    Honestly we don't want to ask people to work there because not like helpers at booths, they cannot even see the crowd of people but we definitely need some people to prepare  the refreshments for dancers and to wash the dishes.  


I am so grateful to all the helpers without exception, but I want to give my deepest appreciation to the workers who have worked at the kitchen and back of the hall.  


For many years, Mr. Earl Kaneko, Ms. Charlotte Kaneko, Ms. Kikue Kaneko and her nieces and nephews, volunteered to work at the kitchen.    Thank you so very much!

It was my biggest regret I couldn't take pictures of all workers.

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    Colleen (Friday, 25 July 2014 02:03)

    Congratulations for such a successful and wonderful bon dance, Sensei! I was amazed at the size of the crowd on Saturday. Usually Saturday is more "mellow", but I was happy for you that there was a big crowd. Most of all I was happy it didn't rain, considering the weather forecast said it was a 60% chance of rain. We left at about 10 p.m. I think, so I hope the good weather continued.

    Thank YOU for your hard work!

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    Kosen (Friday, 25 July 2014 12:44)

    Hi Colleen-san! Thank you very much for your kind words! Also thank you for coming to our Bon Dance. I was surprised, too, it didn't rain until midnight.
    By the way, I forgot to take a picture of you. Please let me take a picture next time.