Bon Dance Songs on Kauai

It's very interesting that 3 different persons from Maui, Vegas and Oahu, asked me a list of Kauai Bon Dance songs very lately. 


After spending all of my energy for the Bon Dance here, I am still exhausted.  So, instead of replying each request, I'm going to write it that....those who want this kind of information don't need to ask me in the future.    


I I smart?  (just kidding).   


Maybe I am just lazy.  But one thing for sure is, people can be smart if they think how to save energy.


Invention of bicycle, bike and car is a good example.   I do believe the desire they don't want to walk for a long time invented those machines.

Anyway , here is a list of Kauai Buddhist Council Bon Dance 2014.

1、Tanko Bushi    3:26  ( 3 minutes 26 seconds)

2、Nippon Daiko     4:17

3、Zumpa Ondo      4:00

4、Hana no Bon Odori     4:05

5、Shiawase Samba      3:33

6、Aozora Ondo     3:31

7、Beautiful Sunday    4:21

8、Asatoya Yunta     3:36

9、Fukushima Bon Uta     3:45

10、Ashibina      3:15

11Sakura Ondo    3:22

12、Shiawase Ondo    3:26

13、Gokigen Song     3:24

14、Heisei Ondo       3:53

15、Kawachi Otoko-Bushi     4:27

16、Furusato Ondo      4:30

17、Hana no tebyoshi Odori     3:52

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    Daddy (Monday, 08 August 2016 17:00)

    These songs are so lit bro

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    Daddy (Monday, 08 August 2016 17:01)

    Better than drakes album "views"

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    Hunter (Saturday, 09 December 2017 23:21)


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    Chad Taniguchi (Tuesday, 12 January 2021 12:44)

    Thank you for this labor of love. Also mahalo Kosen Ishikawa for documenting this enduring culture. Bon dance 2021 we hope:)

  • #5

    Koloa Life (Sunday, 26 June 2022 11:34)

    These songs are in my veins.
    When I hear the bon dance from my house, I get pumped up

  • #6

    Kauai Obon (Monday, 31 July 2023 11:59)