On Friday, July 18, we were so blessed with good weather and good crowd.  We were also very happy to have some celebrities such as Mayor of Kauai, U.S. Representative, politicians, famous musicians and of course "you" at Koloa Jodo Mission.


While I was engaged in miscellaneous jobs on Friday, I missed meeting many people, including Kumu Keali'i Reichel who jumped in the circle of Bon dancing.  Elena kindly came to tell me he was here dancing with our guests but when I tried to take pictures, he was already gone.   

Later, I heard some rumors from various people, which I thought them very interesting.

  • Kumu Keali'i Reichel came to our Bon Dance last year, too.
  • Kumu Keali'i Reichel liked our Chilli Rice.


  • Kumu Keali'i Reichel was standing in a long line to get Saimin.
  • Kumu Keali'i Reichel watched my youtube videos to learn Bon Dance. (No wonder, he was so good at Bon dancing as for his first time.  But I don't think it's true!)


  • Kumu Keali'i Reichel came to Bon Dance to eat some local good food.  (It's true, according to Elena who has talked to him.)


They were of course rumors but one thing for sure was,  it was Elena who encouraged him to join in dancing.  She said she told him never mind wearing a happi-coat.   Thank you Elena!   Thanks to you, we can now watch him Bon-dancing.

Image quality is not good but we can tell he was enjoying Bon Dance.   It looked like Mr. Clyde Kodani advised him how to dance.







どの噂もまさか!とおもいますが、 実際にクムと話をしたお手伝いのエレーナによれば、ローカルのグッドスタッフを食べに来たのは本当で、なんと彼女が踊りをすすめて、踊りの輪に飛び込んだそうです。おかげで、踊りを楽しんでおられるクム・レイシェルをビデオにおさめることができました。画質が悪く恐縮ですが、クムは帽子をかぶって、太鼓近くの内側で踊っておられます。さすがに有名人!曲と曲との間に、いろいろと声をかけられているようです。


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