The reasons why I do blog


Lately I have spent much energy and time for cleaning both old and new temple buildings because today we have a O-Bon service.


And now I'm going to make Sushi for the refreshments after the service.


I don't think it's necessary for a minister to prepare refreshments.   But I want to try the best I can while I could have time to do.


This is because of my realization of my death.


Of course, I am young.  I don't think I die tomorrow.


But who knows? or who can say for sure I can live tomorrow?


I truly realize I don't know I can live longer.


That's why I want to work very hard, today at this moment.


I think I'm a greedy man.


But I hope it's ok.  Rather I think I need to be greedy,


because I always wish to be a good person.


I am greedy I want to be kind to every single person I meet.


I am greedy I want to study more.


I am greedy I want to help those who needs to help.


I am greedy I want to be a useful, compassionate, kind, interesting minister.


I think these are very reasons why I am a minister.

At the same time they are the ones why I write blogs.


Thank you very much for reading this blog!!!

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