Needless to say, Ti-Leaf is such a wonderful plant.  There are many usages in our everyday lives.

It can be Lei, clothing, plate....as you know.


And for my first time I knew, it could be a rope, too.

When uncle Shuji brought flowers here yesterday, I noticed he used withered leaves as tie ropes.


I actually saw this many times, but yesterday I was able to be mindful of this usage of withered leaves for my first time and I took a picture above.


Isn't it wonderful....we can reuse withered leaves.


We know how to use fresh Ti leaves, but how about dead (dropped) leaves.

I had thought dead leaves are just nothing.

They doesnt' look good, but dirty.


However, I knew......if we use the wisdom,

they can be something.

Yes, whether it's useless or useful is.....depending on our wisdom.


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