No rest for wicked (2)

Yesterday, I finished arranging some upcoming trips such as making reservations of flights, rent-cars, and hotels.  I did both for myself going to Japan in August and for my friends, coming to Hawaii, too.


Fortunately, I was able to save money since I reserved cheaper flights and hotels.  Instead I needed to spend lots of time to find them.


It reminded me a Japanese saying,

"Binbou hima nashi"

which literally means "A poor guy has no time to spare."


Binbou = a poor man

Hima= spare time or Leisure

Nashi = non, don't have


I think this is a very interesting saying because it says the opposite of the common sense.


The common sense thinks,  "the person who can work hard can be rich, whereas the person who don't work can be poor."   Therefore a rich man has less leisure time and more money and a poor man has more time and less money.

So the truth is....a poor man should have more time to spare but less money.


Then why Japanease say "a poor guy has no leisure time"?


I think the true meaning of this saying is not the question of "rich" or "poor", but the question of "time" or "money", which I once mentioned in the blog before.

That is to say, people need to use time in order to save money.  On the other hand, people need to use money in order to save time.  


After thinking about this saying, I realize I'm a poor man.

That's why I am so busy! 










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