14th Anniversary


Recently my wife and I went to see the 2014 May Day at Chiefess  Kamakahelei Middle School because my son was selected as one of the princes/representatives of the Islands.  I was so glad and proud of him.



However, when I heard M.C. introduce him, I had a mixed feelings.   The inspired person of his life was not me, but my wife!  According to M.C., he said "mom inspired me and she is super kind...."  There was not a single word of "daddy."



I always thought I could deliver interesting and inspiring Dharma talk but I couldn't inspire my son.  That was the shocking.



After that, my wife cheered me up by saying, " Who was the

inspired person when you were 11 years old?  Was it your daddy?"



She was right.



Now I truly respect my father, but at that time, I didn't like him because he was always saying , "study, study and study."


Children don't like "bitter medicine" which could be very good in the future.  Now I understand it.
I also consoled myself with the thought that nobody cannot beat "mommy." 




Today, it is our 14th anniversary of our wedding. 


My wife is not super-kind to me, but I think I have a good wife.

I am also happy to have my children.

Because I am happy, I want everybody to be happy and I can work for people.



Namu Amida Butsu

May 27, 2014



Instead of saying "study!" to my children, I ask them to come to the care homes with me.


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