Secret of Laughter

Whenever I have a chance to talk, I always wish people to be happy.  I want everybody to laugh and smile.


Then how can I make them laugh? 

What is laughter?


Interestingly, by thinking what is laughter,

I get to know some patterns of laughter.


Then I  knew laughter can be caused by these patterns or some kinds of rules, which I want to call it "secret of laughter."


Because it's "secret", I cannot tell you in detail.  But some people like comedians, instinctvely know how to make people laugh.


The video above was a good example of laughter, caused by the secret of laughter,  at the very beginning of the wedding ceremony.  


I think if you listen to what I said, you probably don't know what was funny.    But I believed, for audience, it was funny.  

They say my blog is sometimes funny and I think this is because of the secret of laughter, I know.


It is my hope you would enjoy my Dharma talk, too,  at Sunday Service at 10:30 a.m.  

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