Master of Humor's Visitation


It was so very nice seeing my best friend again, after 14 years' absence!   Rev. Sotoku Nagao of Shingon Mission, Japan, visited me and Koloa Jodo Mission with his family and relatives on May 20, 2014.

Rev. Nagao is one of the best Shingon preachers and as far as I know, he is a master of humor who is very good at making people laugh.   I befriended with him when I was working at Jodo Mission of Hawaii from 1997 to November, 1999.   Rev. Nagao was working at Shingon Mission almost same time.  We often work and spend time together with Rev. Aso.   I think one of the reasons why we were so good friends beyond Buddhist schools was nothing but "well-balanced."   For me, the best friends means "the best balanced friends."

I am a natural stooge whose action seem to be silly, "Bakatare" in Japanese.   On the other hand, Rev. Nagao is very good at finding my "silliness" and he can make jokes about me.  

We call this relationship "Boke" and "Tsukkomi" in Japanese and this relationship is exactly like me and my wife.   I am a funny guy and my wife is very good at making fun of me.   Because of separate roles in our relationship are so good, we are still husband and wife.    At the same time, even though we haven't talked for such a long time,  Rev. Nagao and I are so good friends.

I think as far as relationship is concerned, the most important thing  is "balance."   If each one has a separate role or different role, the relationship should be good.  On the other hand, if they insist same thing or played same roles,  it's likely to be badly balanced.   

Anyway, after 13 years,  Rev. Nagao was same merrily smart minister.  He looked same !  On the other hand, I think he saw big changes in me.   Because his family had a busy schedule in Hawaii, they stayed in Kauai only for 8 hours. 

To my biggest surprise, he brought so many thoughtful souvenirs  from Japan and made a donation, thinking of myself, my wife, my children and even  our members.   So I'm going to share "takoyaki with our members.  I deeply believe he was such a thoughtful minister that's why his Dharma talk is so interesting.  

His temple is in Takamatsu, Shikoku where 88 shrines exist.  I promised I would go to visit his temple for the tour in the future.










The Complete Takoyaki Set!  I'm going to make "Takoyaki" next Sunday Service.
The Complete Takoyaki Set! I'm going to make "Takoyaki" next Sunday Service.
My favorite food from Kyushu
My favorite food from Kyushu
Very thoughtful gift of books.  These are the ones I cannot buy here.
Very thoughtful gift of books. These are the ones I cannot buy here.
And product of Niigata!
And product of Niigata!

Can you believe it?   This is Kalalau Valley.  It's too bad we couldn't see one of the best sceneries in Hawaii.

It's supposed to be the following picture.

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