Essense of Buddhism without using any religious words

What a great victory!

I always enjoy peace and victory after doing some yard work.

Because I have much more plants to take care, it takes at least two days to clean up the temple.

Though I get extremely exhausted, but the feeling of peace is such a great reward.  The more weeds I deal, the greater I feel. 


In a sense, I can be happy thanks to the weeds, too.


What's very important is, again, nothing but a viewpoint.   Good or bad is not an absolute concept.  Whether it's good or bad is completely depend on your viewpoint.


I think I am very good at talking Buddhism without using any religious words, because I've already mastered flexible viewpoints through my experiences as a teacher, priest, Sushi chef, baker, gardener, photographer and maybe actor, too.


But please remember.  I'm not the only who is uqnique.  Everybody is unique and so special.   What we need is realization and practice!


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