What is Love?


What is love?


According to the Chinese Character for "love()" , love is "something to receive with heart."


The kanji can be divided into two parts; to receive and heart . 

In other words,

(to receive) plus (heart)  becomes (love).


Yes, we have received many things with hearts from parents, grand-parents, teachers, relatives and friends.  In order for children to grow up, they need love to receive.   And  the fact we have grown up means we surely have received "love."  


Especially when you were baby,  you must have received loves because you couldn't do anything but receive.   So was I.   I don't remember anything when I was baby, but as a parent, I can imagine I did receive so much care and love  fortunately from my parents, especially from my mother.


I think today is the day to remember what we have received from mothers.   There must be boundless love there.  Thank you all the mothers.

Happy Mother's Day!


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