I think lots of people here are very familiar with this plant,

but I think many people actually don't know the name of this plant.

Is this true?  Did you know the name?

Our old members call it just "Green."


So one time, I have googled for the name of this plant and knew,

this could be one of the Dracaena, most likely it's Dracaena Victoria. , which looks like "Song of India" that is usually sold at walmart.

(If you know this name or you think it's wrong, please let me know.)


As you know, it's good for flower arrangements and our members used to bring it for the "Hondo" or  the main worship hall.  But now they don't need to bring it because I have been increasing this Green.


Please look at the growing tree of Dracaena.   This was originally just a branch that one of our members brought, like the first picture.


It was my wife who started to grow this green.



First, she put it in water till the roots come out.  I think a few weeks are good enough for the roots come out from the branch.  It's better to change water often, but it could grow even in dirty water.


Then she plant it in the pot, and next on the ground.   That was, I think, about 11 years ago.

Now it's such a big tree and I could get this green anytime.   I have also plant these green at the backyard, too.

By the way, have you ever seen the flowers of this plant?

For a long time, I thought this didn't have any flower, but that was not true.


For my first time, I saw the flower of Dracaena the other day.

Like every tree is supposed to have its flower, I do believe everyone is supposed to have something like flower.

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