Big Problem can be a Big Chance?

I now need a chair for chanting sutras.
I now need a chair for chanting sutras.

Now I have a big challenge to face.  

I'm having a hard time to walk because of knee pain.

I went to the doctor and had X ray last Thursday,

but I still feel sore when I walk.


I never doubted my ability to walk.

I never imagined myself who wouldn't be able to walk in the future.

Walking without pain was very natural. 

I took it for granted.


Now I don't take it for granted.

I deeply realized

all my happiness was deeply rooted with my physical health.

Being healthy was the primary condition of my happiness.

In other words,

I was happy because I was lucky to be healthy.


But I try not to think this is a problem.

I regard this is a challenge toward the true happiness.

Buddhism teaches nothing is permanent and life is suffering.

As we get older, sickness, pain and sufferings naturally come.

Sooner or later, everybody is going to experience it.

So what is happening to me is nothing but a natural process.

It just came a little too early.

I need to practice the teaching of "acceptance."


It's very true,

Healthy is happy.

There is no doubt.


But I believe

Unhealthy can be happy, too.

I want to prove

I can be happy,

even though I may not be healthy.


I think I am a optimist.

So this is actually not a challenge

but maybe a chance

toward the realization of true happiness.


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