2014 Merrie Monarch Festival

Did you watch 2014 Merrie Monarch Festival?  I think I've watched more than 12 hours for the last three days through KFVE, although I was supposed to be busy.   So I stayed up late everyday to make up for the time I spent for watching TV.  But it was worth watching.   The Halau from our island got 4th Place Wahine ʻAuana Award!!!   I am one of the big fans and friends of Kumu Leina'ala (you can find lots of pictures of her Halau from my photo-site).  I couldn't help but cheer and applaud to the Kumu & Halau Ka Lei Mokihana O Leina'ala at midnight!   Congratulations to Kumu Leina'ala!!! and Nikki, too!!!    As always, all permances were nothing but amazing.  But they got 4th place amaong so many participating amazing Halaus.   "Omedeo gozaimasu!" 


For those who missed to watch Merrie Monarch this year or previous years, videos of the great performances are available online from KFVE .




My recommendations (No need?)


Kahiko - Hālau Ka Lei Mokihana O Leināʻala



Kahiko - Ka Leo O Laka I Ka Hikina O Ka Lā



Kahiko - Nicole Nalani Ishibashi



Auana - Nicole Nalani Ishibashi



2013 Miss Aloha Hula Manalani Mili Hokoana English











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