Good Meeting

Going to Honolulu for the meeting always give me a chance of Buddhist Practices as follows;


1.  Perseverance

2.  Tolerance

3.  Devotion


As you may know, the traffic on Oahu is really terrible.  What we need is "time to spare" and "patience."  Whenever we get into a heavy traffic jam, we tend to be frustrated or irritated because we cannot do as we wish to do.   Then what we can do?   "Listening to the radio or music to be relaxed?" or "Sing songs?"or "Chant Nenbutsu?"or "you quit going to the destination?"


What we can do is actually very limited.   However, if we realize this is a good time of practicing of "perseverance,"  we can be patient.  

We all tend to think we are "a commander of the life."  We tend to think we can do whatever we wish to do.    The answer is both yes and no.   There are what you can do and there are what you cannot do.  And in many cases, there are always more what you cannot do.   This means we need to endure  in many cases.  Because we cannot control situations or others,  what we need is patience.   Just imagine yourself who can practicing "patience" in a heavy traffic jam.   By thinking this practice could cause a benefit in the future, You could be calm.   You don't need to go to a temple to practice patience,  but we can practice "patience" at any time anywhere.     And please imagine what to come after the patience.   

After patience, "joy" is waiting for us.   The bigger the patience, the bigger the joy comes.


For example,   please imagine the following situations.

No. 1. To take a shower every day.

No. 2. To take a shower once a week

No. 3. To take a shower once a month.


I think you need incredibly huge patience if you take a shower after one month.  Most people, including myself, cannot stand.   But I can imagine the great feeling after taking bath should be something.....No.3 must be much better than No.2. and No.1


I knew it because I experienced to take a shower after working so hard two days.  The feeling during I didn't take shower was unpleasant.  I needed patience.   But feeling after taking a shower was like I was in a Paradise...

Sorry, I don't think this is a good example but what I want to say is, again "after the patience,  joy comes! " That's , I want to believe, "life."    

Next, importance of tolerance is especially realized at the time of meeting.   Because everybody has different ideas and opinions,  it is sometimes hard to agree.  In additions, even though we are ministers, we all claim "what I think is right."   There may be a few who don't  think "general benefits of others."  They may want to pursue their own profits or fames, not thinking of what we need to do right.    And they may not value the volunteer for others.   But yesterday, I quit thinking "I am right."   Because there is no guarantees I am right.   They might be right.   Who knows.  


Needless to say, wars, disputes and conflicts are always happening here on Earth.   Why?  I think this is because they both insist, "I am absolutely right."   If they continue to believe "I am right", nothing but hate will be born.   But if one of them can back out of claiming "I'm right."   I think negotiation can start.   Then if they both think "I'm not right," this is the time when peace starts.   When we respect each other and accept differences,  we can have true peace.


Reflecting upon myself at the discussions during the meeting yesterday, I realized the meeting was very meaningful because negotiation has just begun.

I asked myself, "Do I wish world peace?"

My answer was of course, "yes."


Then I asked myself," Am I always practicing "peace?"

I have realized I need to practice "peace" anytime and anywhere.   World peace cannot achieved ever without my practicing peace and your practicing peace.


I  renewed my vow to practice peace and devote myself for others. 


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