Japanese Buddhist Temples in Hawaii

Finally, I was able to upload this video of the 2013 Buddha Day Celebration sponsored by Kauai Buddhist Council.  It was observed at Lihue Hongwanji Mission on April 7 last year.


Presentation on "Japanese Buddhist Temples in Hawaii" was done by its authors, Dr. George J. Tanabe and Dr. Willa Jane Tanabe at the Lihue Hongwanji Mission.  M.C. was Mr. Gerald Hirata of Kauai Soto Mission.


This year, too, I took the video of Buddha Day.  However, it might take another one year to edit it, because I am still editing some videos that I took last year!   I'm embarrased to say but I have some thank-you letters that I didn't write yet.   I'm so sorry.   They might be belated but I have to make it happen!!!


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