I am very glad my children helped me today to entertain older people at the Kauai Care Center.  


After the short Buddhist service, my son played ukulele, read a book about the song "Legend of Maui" and my daugher danced both Hula and Tahitian.   Then I sang and danced Bon Dance, and we had a short game together.  I was hoping we could make them happy but it was older people who made us happy.  I was so glad to have their smiles during our visitation and my children were happy, too, to have snacks together with them from the care center.


Interestingly, the origin of the word "entertain" was "to hold the relationship among the people" (enter or inter (=among) + tain (=to hold)."    I thought this sounded like a role of minister. 


Though we are not good performers, rather we need more practices, but I thought we could be good entertainers because we, especially I,  now have strong desires to help people be happy.   That's why I am a minister, of course.


By the way, if you are looking for a speaker who can talk about Japanese culture, history, or Buddhism in general, or humanism, please invite me as a speaker.   I have experienced to be a speaker on Japanese culture, at non-religious gatherings such as Senior centers or Kenjinkai.


Requests from care home or seniors are very welcome.  Please call me at 742-6735.




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    Rebecca Stone (Sunday, 13 April 2014 14:02)

    I so look forward to reading your posts. And, I have been meaning for some time to let you know just what wonderful ambassadors for humanity are your children. They are full of joy and share it without even knowing they are giving to others.
    I always look forward to what you have to say, as "speaker" at the Service as well. I appreciate how language,culture, Buddhism, consideration and thought are entwined and give me thoughts to take with me.
    Domo arigatoo gozaimasu.