Wecome to Buddhism!

Many, many, many people are misunderstanding natural disasters.  They think natural disasters are tragedies of the "happenings"  that happened in bad timely manners.


I feel sorry about tragedies of disasters, however, from the viewpoint of universe, we cannot escape from the natural disasters.  Sooner or later, they surely come to me and they surely come to you,  because natural disasters are inevitable so-called "natural."   The right understanding of disasters is they surely come to us because that's the nature.


Please imagine the moon.  Moon, especially full moon,  is so beautiful however if we look at the moon carefully, we can see so many craters on the surface of the moon.   Of course, moon doesn't say anything, but these bumpy surface is telling us there were many collisions between moon and asteroids.   Same things hapened to our earth.  Collisions did happen in the past and they could happen in the future. (This sounds like the movie I like.)


So what can we do?


I would say, "Welcome to Buddhism."


There are many Buddhist schools,

but they all teach what we can do, what we should do, and what we should not do.




You will be "welcome" to the Sunday Service which is held at Koloa Jodo Mission almost every Sunday.   It starts "about" 10:30 a.m.    You don't need to be Buddhist to attend our Sunday Service.   I would welcome any people in different faiths.


We often have refreshments of Sushi, too.


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