Owada Sutra (2)

This is the part II of the Owada Sutra.  If you haven't read it, please read this first. 


My wife sometimes tell me she wish our children to be newscasters.    She explained, "if they could be TV news presenters, we could watch them every day.  If that is the case, we'd have less worries whether they are fine or not.   We could see it instantly."


I didn't know if I could be happy if they'd become news presenters. 

However, I happened to know this feeling (to wish to see children everyday) was true from the email from my parents.


My parents used to call me once in a while because they worry about me (because I am baka-tare).....but I haven't received any phone call from them lately during the past months.    So I started to worry whether they are fine or not...

To my surprise, I received email from them.   They knew I was fine through the youtube channel!    His email also says he was glad to hear I was talking about the former Principle of Takada High School, Mr. Takeo Owada at the Bodhi day service.

And he sent me an article about "Memory of Mr. Owada" who was also known as a grandfather of Princess Masako."   This was originally submitted by my father to the local newspaper in Japan and I have translated the summary of the article into English.

Summary of the article is as follows;


It's been 17 years since the former principle of Takada High school Mr. Takeo Owada passed away.   Mr. Owada is well known for his famous speech, "First you should study.  Second you should study.  Third you should study."

However, lately, there is an tendency to deny the importance of his saying .....i.e.  too much studying is not good.   According to his 2nd son Mr. Hisashi Owada (the father of the princess), he was never told to study at home.   Same was true his brothers .    There is also someone who claims Mr. Owada didn't intend to force students to study.


Is that true?  I was fortunated to spend three years at high school where Mr. Owada was a principle.  During the time, I thought this principle was really something.  I cannot forget what he said.


Please imagine....do you remember what your school principle(or teacher ) said when you were a student?   I guess many people cannot recall teacher's speech.   I think this doesn't mean "they don't remember it" but it means that  many people didn't have an opportunity to listen to the truly impressive speech.  

However, I was very lucky.   The speech which was made by the Principle Owada is still living clearly in my heart.  This was not only for myself.   Many classmates and other students also remember what Mr. Owada said....like the importance of 3F.


Fighting spirit (ambition or self-improvement),

Fair play,


And every time Mr. Owada started with his famous speech as;


"First, you should study.  Second, you should study.  Third, you should study.  The high school students who don't study cannot be called "High" school students."


Then why Mr. Owada didn't say, "study, study, study" at home.   I believe this way.   It was not to deny the importance of "study, study, and study" but it was just not necessary to say this to his children because they were smart (enough.)       According to the speech made by Mr. Hisashi Owada lately, "what my father intended to say to students, was the importance of attitude of studying and "studying" in his sense meant academic study which is for character building."


I don't have any objection about it's good for character building.   However, I do believe Mr. Owada wanted to say 'You will not have much time that you can "only study" in your life.....except being a student right now.  Why don't you spend more time for studying."






I thought my father's article was very interesting because it sounded like Buddhism of the importance of present moment.   Why don't you study now.

Another interesting thing was Mr. Owada didn't say "study, study, and study" at his home.    But to other students at school, he was strongly telling, "Study!"

After reading my father's article, I thought I may be like Mr. Owada....because I don't say, "study, study, and study" to my children at home, however, I do say "study, study, and study"  at my dharma talk outside of the house.

What I mean is I'm not telling this to my children, but I'm actually tellling to myself...."Hey, Kosen! study!"




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    mo (Friday, 28 March 2014 00:45)

    Thank you for your latest blog entries. They are precious. So many times in a speech or a good joke there are three things. In this case the three important things are pretty clear. I was a poor student when I was young, but now I'm ready to learn, learn, learn. Keep up the good work. See you this Sunday.

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    Kosen (Friday, 28 March 2014 15:15)

    Thank you very much for your comments which made me pay attention to "Three things" in a speech. Very interesting! Your comments and advice are alwasy....1. Pleasant, 2. Profound, 3. Precious!