After the Rain

I'm glad it's a good weather  here on Kauai today.

During the past week,  I missed blue sky, yard work and exercise, but recent rain gave me a chance to reorganize many documents and books at my office. 

Now I can walk in the office!

For me, reorganizing documents means digitalization and I have scanned many documents during the past week. 


Please look at the picture below.

All documents are the minutes of the HCJM Ministers' meetings of the past 40 years.  Now most of the minutes  are stored in just one DVD.   

I started this project when I volunteered to serve as a secretary in 2002.  It's now easier to search and hard to lose it if you keep backuping the data.

For observing 120th Anniversary Celebration of Hawaii Jodoshu next year, I'd like to collect as many old documents and photos as possible. 



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