Four Types

According to our Master Honen(1133-1212),  there are four types of human beings although there are many people in the world.


No. 1.   The first type is ....the person who looks noble however he or she doesn't have a noble mind. 

No. 2.   The second type is....the person who doesn't look noble.  At the same time, he or she doesn't have an noble mind. 


No. 3.    The third type is ...the person who doesn't look noble however he or she has a noble mind.

No. 4.    The fourth type is.....the person who does look noble.  In addition, he or she does have a noble mind.


Master Honen called the first two types of people as "Koke no hito(虚仮の人)" meaning "vain people" who doesn't have sincere mind.    They only mind how other people look at them and think of them, but they don't pay attention to the inner mind or possible inner beauty. 


On the other hand, the last two types of people are called "Shinjitsu no Gyoja(真実の行者)" meaning "True Practitioner" who have sincere mind.   They don't mind how other people look at them and think of them, but they do pay attention to their inner voice.


I think these four types are very true even in the modern world if you change the word "noble"  to "beautiful" or "good" or "sincere."   And the idea of these four kinds of people could actually apply to anything.

For example, Orange.  I believe there are four types of oranges.

I have divided and listed four types according to the Master Honen's idea. 

No. 1.    Good looking Orange that is not delicious .

No. 2.    Ugly Orange  that is not delicious.

No. 3.    Ugly Orange but is delicious.

No. 4.    Good looking Orange that is delicious.


Now which Orange would you like to have?

I believe nobody like to have No. 1 and 2 Oranges.   And everybody likes to have No.3 or 4.  


Master Honen's teaching was the same.   He taught us not mind reputation or outside beauty,  but abandan vanity which is called "Koke."    What is very important is your sincere mind.

Speaking of four types of people,  I thought it was very interesting that our human can be mainly divided into four  blood types according to the ABO blood group system.  They are Type A,  Type B, Type AB and Type O. 


In the United States, Type O(48%)  is the majority, followed by Type A (41%).  Type B (10%) and Type AB(4%) are minor.

In Mexico, Type O (84%) is the majority, followed by Type A (11%).  Very little Type B (4%) and Type AB(1%).     There are actually many Type O people in the South America.


In Europe, Type (A) is the majority, followed by Type O. 


In Japan,  there is almost no majority.  They are well balanced.   Type A (38%), Type O (31%), Type B(22%), and Type AB (9%).  


Of course, these blood types are nothing to do with Buddhism

I just thought it was interesting to think about four types. 


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