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しかし、昨日、この動画を再び見て、「Good enough(ハワイの方言で「悪くない」の意味)」と思いなおし、ここに紹介することにしました。


皆さんはすでにご存じかもしれませんが、これはText to Speechという、文字通り、テキストからスピーチへ、文章テキストをコンピューターの合成音声が発音してくれるというとても便利なソフトです。











I have now 243 videos for public and  93 private videos unlisted.  This video above is one of the unlisted ones.    I didn't open to the public because I found mistakes in what I was talking.  However, when I watched it again yesterday, I thought it was " good enough."


So I'd like to introduce this "Text to Speech" above.   As you may know, this free software on internet can convert many languages' texts such as English, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese ones into speech.   In other words, with this software, you can get to know and practice the pronunciation of the certain words and sentences in languages you are learning.  There are 30 languages available at this site.


All you need to do is just to copy and paste the words you want to know the pronunciation onto the soft, then Speech synthesis will work.  Because this is artificial voice, you can hear it again and again until you get it.   There are also "Speech to text" software available from various sites. You can just say it and then it can type what you say automatically.


With this kind of modern technology, I think learning languages is now much easier than before.   And I actually thought this was very good for Japanese to learn English, that's why I wrote in Japanese first and then wrote it in English.


I hope you enjoy this video above .


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