From time to time, I have taught Japanese language to people here on Kauai and now I have a new student, starting from this year.


I didn't intend it but every time I teach Japanese language, I have new discoveries and different perspectives of both English and Japanese languages.


Studying and comparing two languages gave me not only knowledge but also inspirations. 


And now I have a new understanding of Buddhism, which I'm going to talk about through this series of lecture on Ichimai Kishomon.  Yesterday, I took a part of video II and today I'm going to add some more explanations.


They should be interesting ,but I think I have a big problem.  The more videos I upload to YouTube,  the less people don't need to come here!!!   You don't need to become a member or a subscriber, you can just watch it at home, anytime.


In fact,  "more and more people" tell me "my blog is interesting.   However, I still don't see "many people" here at the service.




My challenge and efforts shall continue. 


If you know why, please let me know.

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