Importance of Being Selfish

Last month, I was asked to volunteer to be an official videographer at Koloa School Christmas Concert by its Principle.   Because I like both video and photography , I immediately said "Sure!" and I thought I'd be happy to volunteer to do what I like.


Before starting the concert, I felt very honored to hear the School Principal acknowledged my name, but after the concert,  I was sorry I couldn't do a good job.   Because there were many parents and guests, I couldn't take clear images and some people were definitely in the way I was taking.  


This event, however, gave me a wonderful opportunity to think about what kind of person can be a good photographer?  Who do you think can be a good photographer?  


 After experiencing this event, I knew "being selfish" is very important because photography is not "to receive" but "to take."  


 In order to take a good photos, what you need to do first is "to take a position" and you need to think "This is my position"  and "This is my picture" and sometimes you need to say "You are in the way."   


Well, of course, this is not nice but in order to take good photos, you need to be selfish.   


Just imagine how professional photographers are taking photos in the public.   I believe you've seen them working at weddings or events where many people were gathering.    I think good photographers walk freely wherever they want to go.   They don't mind whether people are thinking "you are in the way."    They walk freely because they know they need to do.   


 If they mind they might be in the way for other people,  they cannot move around.  As a result, they cannot take good positions and different angles which are necessary for taking good photos.


So if there is next time or another opportunity to take photos for others in the  public, I shall be very selfish to walk around to take good photos or videos.


Here in the United States,  selflessness is more praised and selfish is something you should not do.   And Buddhism also teaches selflessness.  


However,  I regard they are actually not different.   True sense of selfless is achieved by being super selfish.   I should elaborate it in the future..... Selflessness is a kind of selfish.  


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