Positive Thinking

It's been a while since I updated this blog.  My mind has been truly like the picture above and honestly I didn't know where to start. 


Lots of books and paper are here and there and my computer is actually like my office, too....I cannot show you but it has now full of digital photos, writings and movies, too in my computer. 

Surprisingly, I took almost 200 gigabyte of digital data only in Decmeber!  


So I am positively seeing this messy office... my room and computer is such a mess because I am always dealing with lots of information which could produce good ideas.


In fact, because I haven't output for almost one month, I have now many ideas and thoughts came up to my mind.


One of my favorite writers, Takashi Tachibana, interestingly says, "Production of good writings is like making wine.   Let it sleep for a while after the harvest of reading books."


I am now ready to update everyday....I hope.




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