Air Force One

When I first saw the Boeing VC-25 at Hickam airport several years ago, I was so excited because I saw it in the movie and this might be a sign that the US President was on Oahu.  

As you know, the Boeing VC-25 is known as an aircraft to transport President of the United States.    It is called "Air Force One" which is a call sign of  the aircraft carrying the US President.   

Then next time when I went to Oahu, I saw it again.   I thought the US President must be busy traveling and the Air Force One must dropped by at the airport to refill the gas.

Then I saw it again.  I thought the US President must be crazy about Hawaii where he was born.

On the fourth time I saw it, I finally thought the airplane couldn't be the Air Force one  and knew....there are some VC-25 for the security purpose. 

Also US Vice-President or VIP of the country can  use this aircraft.   So, VC-25 is called "Air Force One" only when it carries the US President and when US Vice-President is on board, it is called "Air Force Two", according to Wikipedia.

Since I knew this fact, I never tried to take photos of VC-25.  I thought taking pictures of VC-25 was enough.  I thought I could take it anytime...

This was how I missed to take photo of a real "Air Force One" on Decmeber 21, 2013.  I saw two VC-25 but didn't take photo since I thought enough.   Later, I knew President Obama came to Hawaii to spend a Christmas vacation.

Needless to say, Sartisfaction or feeling of enough is very important for the happy life.  However, as for a photography, feeling of enough is not good.  "Feeling of not enough" will make us take another shot which may be a very good picture.


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