We need to be strong

This morning, I received a sad news that my friend's brother-in-law was involved in a car accident.  The car from the other lane crossed to hit him.  He had no fault.


Whenever I hear this kind of accident which cause innocent people to suffer,  I have nothing but to feel sorry for them and their family.  I cannot do anything but pray and think....that's why we need to be born in the Pure Land or we need to go to heaven.


Although Hawaii is really like Paradise as I said in the Bodhi Dharma talk, but it was not true if we are mindful of the world around us. 


Suffering and misfortune are always happening in this world and accident is always happening to the innocent people.


We need to be strong.

This accident teaches us...in order to live in this world,  we need to be strong with faith.


I sincerely pray for my deer friend's brother-in-law.





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