Better Understanding

Comet ISON was a really disappointing.   Like many space enthusiasts, I had been looking forward to seeing the possible big comet ISON for a long time.   But it was not a "comet of the century."   When it was about to disappear, the world gave out the biggest sigh, "Oh, NO!"


I said ,"Oh, NO!", too.  But there was one good thing about comet was gone.  That is, I think, peace.  I think if the comet kept alive and going to be brighter, I couldn't have a peaceful life. 

I would probably go to Poipu every morning and look at sky to capture the comet.   I would probably spend lots of time to do it. 


But thanks to the comet was gone, I was able to spend time for anything else .   December is actually very busy for this and that. Gone of the comet actually saved my life.   

When we have disappointment, we may be hurt.  But I do believe there  must be another good understanding of disappointment.  So let us practice "better understanding." 



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