Beware of Scam Email

Last night, I received a wedding invitation which I found out later... this was a phishing scam!!! 


I knew it because many sites have been talking about this email and one of the sites say, “If you click the link, your computer will be infected with a virus designed to steal your personal information.   So…


Please Beware of email from White Wedding Agency!


If you haven’t received it, it may be coming to you in the future!  Once again, please beware of email from someone you don’t know.


The reason why I repeated was because…oh my goodness… I clicked the link!


It may be a poor excuse but once in a while I am asked to officiate the wedding by someone I don’t know.  I thought this email was real, but not. 


So I want to tell myself,


Kosen! Beware of email from someone you don’t know!


Now I have to spend some time for searching the way to resolve the problem.


By the way, according to the Sticky Readers, the invitation had bad grammars.


"A wedding invitation is usually proofread before being sent out to 1 million of your closest friends and family. This obviously came from a non-English Speaking Country because of you proceed a date with “on”, not “in”, and the proper verb conjugation for a singular noun is “is”, not “are”, as in “If the link IS not working…”.   This is why English class was so important all those years ago, so stay in school, kids!"


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