What can I do?

One of our good Christian friends once told me, when her son had a birthday, they tried not to receive gifts. Rather they would give what they can do something good for others.  She insisted no gifts.  Instead, she took my son and other friends to entertain at Bowling and she did spend time for volunteering for the community on her son's birthday.


I was so impressed by her “dana” and I realized that Christians are very good at doing good for the society.  The other day, I wrote Christianity was a very strong religion sometimes cruel to non-Christians.  But now I rethink about it….it all depends on persons….this is like not all Buddhists are wonderful.


I remember somebody said,  “Dalai Lama said he was sometimes jealous of Christians since Christianity made so many schools, hospitals, care homes for the society while Buddhist priests were just chanting sutras.” 


This is of course, his exaggeration, but I thought I should something good except praying....

What can I do?


Donation of Sushi?

I don't know the best answer yet, but my son and I started to visit care homes to entertain the older.   



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