My father used to say the following saying to me, my brother and sister.


First, you should study.

Second, you should study.

Third and forth, nothing.

But, fifth, you should study.

The role of a student is to study.


According to my father, these words were by Mr. Takeo Owada who was an outstanding Principal of Takada High School in Japan.  Mr. Owada gave deep impacts and inspirations to many students including my father who later became a high school teacher and a priest.


Amazingly, Mr. Owada's four sons all graduated Tokyo University and later each son led important roles in Japan.  Mr. Hisashi Owada is one of them.  He has been known as a father of Princess Masako.


Because my father often repeated this saying at home, I think I studied hard and now started to realize the importance of this saying.   I want to call it Owada-Sutra.


Nowadays, education in Japan, here in the United States and some other countries, they teach education is not a race.  Policy is more relaxed.  Children are taught life is a journey.


However, as soon as children are no longer students and become parts of the society, they will soon realize "race" is always happening and on-going around themselves, whether it's small or big.


And in many cases, it is “race or competition itself" which can produce better "product."   I think amazing technologies are being developed through various competitions.......such as Apple vs. Microsoft....iphone vs Galaxy...Toyota vs. Nissan...


In order to know "middle" or "middle way" which is the best way, one needs to know which is "left" and "right."   After experiencing both "right" and "left", one can know its true middle. 


So as an antithesis of the current education policy, I want to chant this Owada-Sutra more in this society.


By the way, I am the most "baka-tare(stupid)" child of my parents, but I have a feeling I can be the best .....because I am "the middle" between older brother and youner sisiter.  Just kidding.












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