I'm ashamed to say I never failed to go to shopping on Black Friday.   At my first experiencing at the Black-Friday-Shopping, it was truly surprising to see so many many Kauai people at Walmart @Lihue, before 5:00 a.m.

Then, they started opening the store earlier and earlier and finally this year, many stores will start selling at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday!

To my surprise, K-mart opens at 6:00 a.m.? on the Thanksgiving Day.   It's no longer "Friday" but I think I will go shopping on that morning (lol.)


Joking aside, Pre-Black Friday for Canon Products started last night.   I'm not worker of Canon but I'd like to recommend...this is really a big deal, especially for refurbished ones.  I believe Canon online will also have a Black Friday Sale which offers the cheapest prices, but popular products will be sold out instantly.   I know this because I was one of the lucky guys to be able to buy the very discounted one on Black Friday a few years ago. 

Look at this price!   Canon 60D with EF18-200mm lens is $665!  The lens itself costs $559 and this means 60D body costs about $100.   Of course, they have now 70D and 60D is a little older but I love the price!


Canon Online Store;


By the way, the company name "Canon" is not English name.  It was named after Buddhism. 


Their first camera was named "Kwanon" after Bodhisattva "Kannon" (Guanyin ).    The Kanji for Kannon 観音 literally means "to view/meditate(観) the sound(音)."    

So they wished....their camera "Kwanon" can capture even the sound just like Kannon Bodhisattva can do.   


Now the company "Canon" after "Kwanon" is so popular among the world.  I'm very proud of Canon and to be a Canon user.... not because this is a Japanese company but because it was named after Buddhism. 


It is my sincere wish...more and more compassion of Kannon can spread through the world.





そしてその翌日がブラック・フライデー!(Black Friday)



























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