The other day, I started to wonder what kind of ear pick are Americans using?  


The reason why I had this question was because I just started using brand-new ear-pick, which I believed, many Americans have never seen yet.


On the contrary,  I've never seen a western ear pick at stores in the United States.  The only ear scoop I've seen here is bamboo one made in China.


The followings are what I guessed;

1.  Americans don't use ear pick because they don't have earwax.

2.  Americans  don't use ear pick.  They use cotton swab.

3.  Americans don't care.


I actually don't care if I had earwax....but my wife and children care!   According to them, I have more earwax because I have bigger ears.   That's why I have some picks and try to find the best one.  Here is my collections.


This is like a drill to make earwax to be broken to pieces. 

This is like a glue swab.   There are sticky point to stick earwax.   The picture shows like... it's for baby but this is very good for adults, too.   It costs about $1 at 100 yen shop in Japan. 

This electric ear pick is easier to take wax out with light.  This was a gift from my wife!   $1? I have to ask her.

And this is my brand-new ear-pick!  It's actually not a pick but a vacuum to take wax.  Good for children and adults, too.  It cost about $10 at Yodobashi Camera.  

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