Excellent Trimmer Line

Sunday afternoon, after the service, is supposed to be my break time.  But I like working when I can.  On the contrary, I do take rest when I need it.    


Yesterday, I couldn't help but start some yard work because I bought a brand-new trimmer line!  It says "Heavy Duty."   I wanted to try it after the shopping at the HomeDepot.  It was $14.97.

Yes, it was true. I was satisfied with the toughness of the line as compared to the green line I was using before. 


Do you know the reasons why trimmer lines were so junk.    For safety purpose?  


Maybe yes.   My wrong operation? 


But I thought......maybe....they intended to make junk lines so that customers like me, have to buy the product again and again and again.


Well, good riddance to the junk green one.

I am now happy with the excellent yellow one.

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